QR code (Quick Response code)

Recently, I saw an advertisement of a car in a newspaper.  When I go through the advertisement I saw a strange image.  First time really I confused a lot about the image.

QR code, links to my blog

I couldn’t understand anything about it.  Again I read the ad.  That time I saw small description about it.  The description was like this “please download QR code reader and scan for e-brochure”.  This is the first time I here about the QR code.  I wished to know more about it.  Then I keenly searched in the Internet.

I got more information about the QR code.  In this moment I would like to share the information with you.

QR code is an acronym for Quick Response code.  QR code is a matrix bar-code (two dimensional).  Created by Denso Wave (Toyota’s subsidiary) in 1994.  Firstly it was used in the automotive industry for vehicle tracking.

Normally a bar-code can store about 20 characters, QR code is capable of handling several hundreds of characters.  Maximum capacity of QR code for storing numeric, alphanumeric and binary data is 7089, 4296 and 2953 characters respectively.  Since QR code stores data in both horizontal and vertical direction, so printing space is small.  QR code has error correction capability, so data can restored even code is partially dirty or damaged.  QR code is capable of 360 degree high-speed reading.  User can decode QR code by using camera mobile phone with QR code reader software freely available in Internet.

Initially it was used for vehicle tracking in plants, but now it is using for various applications, including commercial tracking, product marketing, contact information, storing URL address, business cards, in shopping malls, air ticker, railway ticket, bus ticket ect.

There are some risks on QR codes, it stores data in encoded format, and so it is not easily readable with out using reader.  In mobile phones, reader has permission to access camera, Internet, update contact data and GPS and also there is a chance for sharing the information to malicious sites.  Risk include links to dangerous websites, etc

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Quite interesting and well presented short in details, Krishna. Never know about this QR code until reading it here. Thank you!

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