Snap@Moment | Butterfly

Baby baby don't cry.......
mummy making chilly fry........
dady catching butterfly.......

Manacaud, Thiruvananthapuram/Trivandrum City, Kerala State, INDIA

Are you a Hero?

This real incident written by Sangeetha

From my experience I write this for you.

If we take a class room the students will be in different characters.  Some students will be very tranquil.  Some students will be very active or over active.  Some students will be very brilliant.  In the reverse of these students some students will be very naughty and some students will be troubling the class always in such a way.  Commonly most of the teachers and other students like such good characterize students.

In this moment I remember one of my students Master Hari Charan. Actually his character is – making nuisance in the class, especially to the teachers by making variety of sounds, mostly by drumming on the desk.  Since I was the class teacher other teachers complained me about his behavior.  In my class also he used to behave alike.  Few days I observed him in the class.  While he was drumming on the desk, he was not drumming simply, there a rhythm in it.  I asked him, ‘have you any interest of playing drum?’  He did not reply for that, just he was smiling.  But I did not like to discourage his talent.

One day I took him to the drum master and told him about his behavior in the class.  The drum master also accepted me.  Very happily he attended the drum class.

After few months, during the school anniversary day he performed a stage show of drum in front of the big crowd.  Really I couldn’t believe my eyes.

So from my real experience I learnt that nobody is zero, but everybody is a hero in such a way.  So don’t treat anybody as soulless.  We should try to find their hidden skills.  It is my kind request to all my dear parents and teachers.

Photo Album | Onam Celebrations 2013

“Onam” is the festival of keralites all over the world (especially in Kerala State of India). Onam celebration is happening in the malayalam month of Chingam (August-September) every year. On this moment Kerala government has been arranging a week long festival (for 2013, 14-20 September) in Thiruvananthapuram (Capital city of Kerala State). Here the buildings are decorated with light arrangements. Various traditional and cultural programs are taking place. So here the people never like loose these days in their life. At the conclusion (for 2013, 20th September) of the festival there will be a procession. On this procession various departments and organizations present their floats. The Government also will award the best of the floats.  I would like to thank my colleague Mr. Anulal who accompanied me to take the snaps.

Snap@Moment | Flowers

This is a guest photo by my colleague Vishnu VS, captured on his new Sony H200 camera

Aryanad, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, INDIA

Photo Album | Good Morning.... its time for breakfast

Malayalam: ഇഡ്ഡ്ലി 

Rice Dosa
Malayalam: അരി ദോശ

Wheat Oratty
Malayalam: ഗോതമ്പ് ഒരട്ടി

Malayalam: ഇടിയപ്പം /നൂൽപുട്ട് 

Paalaappam with Egg curry
Malayalam: പാലപ്പം

Rice Steam Cake with Banana
Malayalam: അരി പുട്ട്

Wheat Stream Cake
Malayalam: ഗോതമ്പ് പുട്ട് 

Vermicelli Upma
Malayalam: സേമിയ ഉപ്പുമാവ് 

Rava Upma
Malayalam: റവ ഉപ്പുമാവ്