Snap@Moment - Let it dry to fry

Tapioca papadum/papad

drying process

Tapioca papadum/papad

fried Tapioca papadum/papad

Thiruvattar, Kanyakumari District, Tamilnadu, INDIA


Wish you happy Vishu.  Hope you all have seen kani at early morning itself.  Same I too had a wonderful kani in the morning.  So I am very fresh.  Ok, then what is vishu kani?  Every year in the month of April (middle of the month) we celebrate the festival vishu. The word vishu (വിഷു)  is in Malayalam, same way in Tamil Nadu people used to celebrate this same day as Tamil Puthandu (Tamil: தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு, Tamil New year).  But the way of celebration is same.  Other states of India have been celebrating this day as different names and ways.  Do you know how do the people celebrate this day?  We know that in the spring season we get everything fresh as vegetables, fruits, flowers and so and so. We wish to get all these wealth throughout the year.  So to have a good start of a year we celebrate this vishu.

One day before at night, people arrange different kinds of vegetables and fruits (mostly all kinds), flowers especially Kanikonna (Golden Shower Tree, Malayalam: കണിക്കൊന്ന), different kinds of grains, gold ornaments, coins and lit a lamp in front the idol of lord Krishna and also keep a mirror along with this. 

Kanikonna (Golden Shower Tree, Malayalam: കണിക്കൊന്ന)

On my holiday…

We dedicate this poem to all the children in this happy vacation

Hi… Hi… Hi…
It’s my holiday.
Do you wish to join me?
On my holiday….

Koo… Chuchuk… Chuchuk…
Oh! Train… Train…
Hurry up… Hurry up…
I go to visit the places and
I want to have a glance
Do you wish to join me?
On my holiday…

Johny sat… veena sat……
I go to play hide and seek
I have to play with my friends
Do you wish to join me?
On my holiday………

Rose, Lilly, Jasmine…
Wow! Beautiful flowers
I go to my garden and
I want to water my plants,
Oh, dear butterflies!
Welcome to my garden
See my flowers are dancing and
I go to dance…
Do you wish to join me?
On my holiday…

Written by my wife Sangeetha

Thiruvattar Aruvikkarai

On the visit of our relative’s house, one evening we went to a temple, which was Aruvikkarai Bhahavathy Temple (Malayalam: തിരുവട്ടാര്‍ അരുവിക്കര, Tamil: திருவட்டார் அருவிக்கரை).  It is between the places Thiruvattar and Mathoor.  Till we reached the temple, we were no any idea about the temple or the place.  When we reached the place, what to say?   Really we excited.  What a wonderful place it was!  Either we didn’t plan this trip; we would have missed this wonderful place.  Because it was a small village and not much popular area, only because of the temple people used to visit here, that too local people.