Mathur Aqueduct

Mathur Aqueduct (Mathoor Thottipalam) is one of the tallest as well as longest aqueducts in Asia. It located about 3 kms away from Thiruvattar in Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu. You can reach here through Thiruvattar and Kalladimamoodu (near Kulasekharam)

We have chosen the way of Kalladimamoodu. When we reached Kalladimamoodu there was an information board to direct us to reach Mathur. We started our journey through a narrow road. It was a parallel road to the channel. On the way we got another chance to see the rubber plantation just like Thirunanthikarai and Thiruvattar. In between we could find the different sizes and shapes of rocks at the side of the road. Just we were enjoying that, suddenly we anxious on seeing a big rock! It looks like that the rock is about to fall to the channel. We didn't leave; we took a snap of the rock.

Again we followed the way. On the way there was an arch to invite us to Mathur aqueduct.

Now we have reached near the aqueduct. There were to many vehicles. We parked our small vehicle near by them. A person came to collect the parking fee.

Now we are walking towards the aqueduct. There were many tender coconut, pineapple and snacks sellers. We bought some pineapple pieces from them. It was very tasty. Now we are in aqueduct. Representatives asked us to pay for camera.

In the entrance of the aqueduct we could find an information board. With the help of the board and the local people we collected the following information.

The former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Mr.K. Kamaraj has built this aqueduct in the year of 1969. Aim of this aqueduct was drought relief and development of agriculture in Vilavancode and Kalkulam Taluk. It has been built across the river Parallaiyar, which is originating from Mahendrahiri hills of Western Ghats. The aqueduct itself carries water of Pattanamkaal channel over the river Prallaiyar.

It stands on 28 huge pillars with the maximum height of 101ft. The length of the aqueduct is 1240 ft. The depth and width of the trough (Channel) is 7ft and 7.6ft respectively. Half of this trough is closed with concrete slabs to allow the people to walk. Nearly 12.90 lakhs of rupees spent for this aqueduct during the period of construction. Steps and children's parks have been built recently by district administration.

Now we started to move on the aqueduct. In first sight itself we lost our confident to walk on that.

But the pleasant scenery and the nice breeze were recharging courage to us. Some how we reached in the middle of the aqueduct, then just we looked down; oh! How to say? It was awful! Even the people look like small. From this we can guess the height of this aqueduct. Really we felt dizzy. We were trying to escape from there. We joined our hands strongly.

From the spot we got amazing information from the local people that a man named Joshuva walked through the handrail (left side of aqueduct - see the following picture) of the aqueduct with 100kgs of weight in the year of 1995. We couldn't believe it. Really it is appreciable.

From the aqueduct we can see the parallaiyar with border of Western Ghats. In fact we enjoyed the nature.

After few minutes we reached the other end of the aqueduct. Through the steps we came under the aqueduct.

We were very tired and thirsty. We drank the tender coconut. We took rest for few minutes in the park and moved near the river and around the places.

Here the most of the lands were used for agriculture purpose. Again we stayed few more minutes in another park and enjoyed the place.

Now it is time for return. When return from there we wish to get another chance to visit here.

Nearby Thiruvattar, Kanyakumari District, Tamilnadu State, India
How to reach:
Trivandrum to Marthandam - 39 KM (NH47 Trivandrum-Kanyakumari)
Marthandam to Mathur (via Thiruvattar ) - 9 KM (Marthandam - Pechipparai Highway)

Nearby Attractions:
Thiruvattar Adikesavaperumal Temple, Chitharal Rockcut Temple, Padmanabhapuram Palace, Thirparappu, Pechipparai Dam