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Thirparappu Waterfalls and Mahadevar Temple

Last week to spent our holidays we visited the place Thirparappu/Thriparappu (Malayalam: തൃപ്പരപ്പ്, Tamil: திற்பரப்பு).  It is famous for a great waterfall and a sivalaya temple.  Commonly the waterfall of Thirparappu is known as ‘Kumari Kuttalam’ (Kuttalam is a famous waterfalls in south India, Kumari itself Kanayakumari).  We knew only that much information when we started the journey.

We started our journey from Trivandrum through Marthandam, Kulasekharam via Thirparappu.  When we reached the place Thirparappu junction we had the confusion because the main road is splitting into two.  Right side road had the bus service and the other not.  Which way we are suppose to choose to reach Thirparappu.  To avoid the confusion there is a arch in the left side road to direct the people to waterfall.  We sent our vehicle through left side.  Commonly the waterfalls may not be found in habited area. But here we traveled through the residential area.  Within few minutes we reached the spot and parked the vehicle in the parking area.

By the side of the road we could find a channel.  Other side a board invited us to Thirparappu Mahadevar Temple.  It is the third Sivalyam of Kayakumari Sivalaya temples.  We went to the temple.  The environment of the temple was so peace.  Truly our mind will get relax if we go there.  Stone made the temple and it resembles Kerala Architecture.  The temple was build by Raja Raja Cholan.  Here the God is Lord Mahadevar (Siva).  That day was the special day of the God.  So the special pooja was going on the temple.  So would find the crowd.  The main occasion of this temple is Sivarathri.  After few minutes we came out and followed the way to the waterfall.