Photo Album - April 2011 - Mahadevan's Garden

Hi these collection are taken from my friend Mr. Mahadevan's (Trivandrum) garden. Really we have to congratulate his special taste as gardening. Have a glance and enjoy.

Fish Pond

Fish Pond

Chicken Farm








Golden Shower Tree


Kovalam Beach

According to my colleague’s suggestion, we planned to have a trip on Vizhinjam, where the Kerala Government has planned to construct International Transshipment Terminal.  On the way of Vizhinjam, we planned to visit Kovalam Beach also.  Kovalam is just 13km away from Thiruvananthapuram city on the way to Vizhinjam.

At 10’o clock we started our journey from East Fort (City Bus Station of Thiruvananthapuram) by two wheeler.  There are many ways to Kovalam, we have chosen the way of Manacaud-Thiruvallam via kovalam.

At Thiruvallam, we saw Parasurama Temple, which is the only temple of Parasurama in Kerala.  The temple located in the banks of Karamana River.  It is famous for ‘Bali Tharpanam’ (People makes offering to their ancestors, after holy dip in the river).  Karkkidaka Vavu is the main festival of the temple.  On that day people from various parts of Kerala and Tamilnadu used to come and make ‘Bali Tharpanam’.

Again we followed the way, suddenly we saw a crowd with some police officers in distance on the road.  So we slowed our vehicle.  Then we reached near by them, after that only we come to know that, the vehicle checking was going on.  It was our fate that we had the helmet.  So we continued our journey.  After reaching few kilometers, we saw an information board about Kovalam beach.  From there we took right to Kovalam beach.

On the way of beach, we saw a pond.  Actually the pond was formed by a quarry.  It was rice to see.  We took some snaps of the pond.

Kovalam beach lies on Arabian Sea.  It is one of the International beaches in Kerala.  Now we are in Kovalam beach.  There are three beaches in Kovalam, namely Samudra (also known as Ashoka beach), Howah and Light house beach.  First we went to Samudra beach.  We parked our vehicle near by road.  Specialty of this beach is fully covered with coconut trees and its quite common place where the fishes living.  You can find a mosque (Kovalam Juma Masjid) also near by the beach.  There is a road aside the beach reaches to the mosque.  We stayed few minutes and enjoyed the nature and took some snaps.  But till then, we couldn’t find more tourists.  So the place was calm.  Since it as sunny day we were very thirsty, after having cool drinks, we came back from there.

Then we went to other two beaches.  We parked our vehicle in the parking area and we move to the beaches.  Now we are in the middle of the beaches.  There are many shops, restaurants, internet cafes etc in the beach.  First we moved to howah beach.  Sands of the Kovalam beaches are dark in colour due to presents of minerals.  We could find many rocks in the sea and waves were dashing on the rock and spreading the water.  Really it was wonderful.  Here the place is just opposite of Samudra beach because there were many tourists from different countries.  They were taking bath in the sea and also taking sun bath.  Tourist guides are there to guide the people.

Then we went to Light house beach.  This is also just like the howah beach but the only difference is the Light house.  So it had the name Light house beach.  Here the light house is located on the rock.  We can go to the light house in the prescribed timing.  Since we sent at noon time, didn’t get permission to go.  We spent few minutes in the beach, bought some goods and we turn back to Vizhinjam.

September to May

Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum), Kerala, India

How to Reach:
From Trivandrum City: Manacaud-Thiruvallam-Kovalam : 13 km
From Kollam: Kazhakuttam-Technopark-Chakka-Thiruvallam-Kovalam (Kazhakuttam-Kovalam bypass)
From Kanyakumari/Nagercoil: Neyyattinkara-Poovar-Vizhinjam-Kovalam

Nearest Airport:
Trivandrum International Airport