Onam 2010 - A Photo Album

“Onam” is the festival of keralites all over the world (especially in Kerala State of India). Onam celebration is happening in the malayalam month of Chingam (between the month of August and September) every year. Generally the festivals used to take place a single day. But the Onam festival is happening continuously for ten day ie, according to the stars Atham to Thiruvonam. Atham onwards people start to decorate their courtyard with various colours of flowers. It is called as Athapookalam (Floral Design).

On the day of Thiruvonam or 10th day the people wear new dresses and all family members together having their Sadhya (lunch-kinds of vegetarian dishes with Payasam) in banana leaves. Also the people used to keep a set of food in front of the Athapookalam. The myth of this is every year the King Maveli used to come to all houses to accompany the people. The aim of the Athapookalam is also to invite the King Maveli to their houses.

During these day children and other people engaged themselves in various entertainment activities like swinging, Thiruvathira dance, pulling ropes etc.

On this moment Kerala government has been arranging a week long festival in Thiruvananthapuram (Capital city of Kerala State). Here the buildings are decorated with light arrangements. Various traditional and cultural programs are taking place. So here the people never like loose these days in their life.

At the conclusion of the festival there will be a procession. On this procession various departments and organizations present their floats. The Government also will award the best of the floats.

I convey my special thank to my colleague Mr.Anulal V for the snaps.

Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum), Kerala, INDIA