CTS-2010 Standard and Old Bank Cheques of India

CTS-2010 (Cheque Truncation System) cheque is a new type of cheque introduced by Reserve Bank of India.  CTS-2010 standard cheque introduced for standardization of security features and easy processing.  As per the direction of Reserve Bank of India (RBI), non CTS-2010 cheques will be withdrawn by 31st March 2013.  So customer who hasn't get the CTS-2010 standard cheques are requested to get the same as soon as possible from their respective bank branches.  After the deadline, old cheques will only be used for withdrawing cash at particular bank branch.  RBI has been decided to extend the time up to 31st July 2013.

Features of CTS-2010 Standard Cheque

Features of CTS-2010 Standard Cheque

  1. Branch address with IFSC code printed top of the cheque
  2. Date in dd/mm/yyyy format with boxs
  3. Printers name with CTS-2010 in left side of cheque
  4. A pantograph which shows VOID/COPY while taking photocopy of the cheque below the account number
  5. New rupee symbol instead of bilingual format
  6. "Please sign above" is mentioned on bottom right of the cheque
  7. Watermark "CTS INDIA" to be visible cheque is held against any light.
  8. Ultra Violet logo of Bank printed at upper left corner of cheque to be visible in UV lamps

CTS-2010 Standard Cheque of various banks

CTS-2010 standard cheque of HDFC Bank

CTS-2010 standard cheque of State Bank of India (SBI)

CTS-2010 standard cheque of Canara Bank

CTS-2010 standard cheque of IndusInd Bank

CTS-2010 standard cheque of The Karur Vysya Bank Limited (KVB)
CTS-2010 standard cheque of State Bank of Travancore (SBT)

Old/Non-CTS Cheques of Various banks
(will be withdrawn by 31-12-2012)

Old cheque of Canara Bank

Old cheque of City Bank

Old cheque of The Federal Bank Limited

Old cheque of HDFC Bank

Old cheque of IDBI Bank

Old cheque of ING Vysya Bank

Old cheque of The Karur Vysya Bank Limited

Old cheque of State Bank of India (SBI)

Old cheque of State Bank of Travancore (SBT)

Old cheque of State Bank of Travancore (SBT)

Old cheque of Indian Overseas Bank (IOB)

Old cheque of Syndicate Bank

CTS-2010 Standar Cheque CTS 2010 Non SBI State Bank of India SBT State Bank of Trvancore Canara Bank HDFC Bank Federal Bank New Cheques Old Cheques India City Bank IndusInd Bank Karur Vysya Bank CTS-2010 Cheque


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