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To reach the particular goal in our life we need a way.  THE WAY whether we will make a new way or will follow the some others way? Yes, by following some others way we will find our new way?

Parents as well as teachers used to advice the children that you should follow Gandhiji, Lincoln, Abdul Kalam etc., nothing wrong with them.  But, dear parents and teachers have you ever think that let the children follow me.  I can be their role model.  I will construct a good personality in their mind.

How can be a role model?  What can do for that?   Yes, what are the qualities you would like to develop in your children, just before that you must develop the same qualities.  Have you heard this story?  

A mother came to meet Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsan with her son.  Her complaint was like this, “My son is eating too much of sugar.  So you must advice him.”  Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsan asked them to come after a month.  They did the same as he said earlier.  Now Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsan advised the boy that – dear son you should not eat much of sugar.  It is harmful.  It may affect your health.  The boy also promised that he would not eat much of sugar after this.  

After this event his students asked him, Mahathmaji, why couldn’t you give the same advice a month back?  Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsan answered them that, I was not fit for that because I was also committing the same.  Then how can I advice the others?  So I corrected myself.  Now I am fit to advice the others.

Yes, the role models must have such real qualities.  So strictly believe that if the parents and teachers take this task, there will be a whole success for our society as well as country.   

-- by SANGEETHA --


SG said...

Excellent post. I love it.

rudraprayaga said...

The theme is meaningful,since all can preach,but a few can practise.

Jeevan said...

No doubt in it! Well connected

SM said...

well written
our system and our mentality is such that majority cannot become role models

Ranita Sinha said...

Very nice..specially the Ramkrishna Paramhansha part..

padmaja said...

Beautiful thoughts Sangeetha, so true,parents are first role models for kids and the influence can be very strong in building their character.

Meera Rao said...

Well said! there is a similar story I remember from Mahabharata about Dharmaraya about anger -- very good lesson!